Yes - now GREEN WINDOW is also an agency - so we called it GREEN WINDOW AGENCY. The age of destructive consumerism is ending, new green lifestyles are taking over. Green Window Agency is here to accelerate this change with influential communication. Our expertise covers product development, strategic consulting, social media campaigns, brand building, classical campaigning, corporate design and much more.

We embrace mindfulness and believe that everyone can walk with us on the path to a sustainable everyday life. Green is beautiful, and bending backwards for it shouldn’t be necessary.

GREEN WINDOW AGENCY was founded by Marco Voigt, Kathrin Schiebler and Thomas Bober. Our Team is a supadupa collective of creative minds, engineers, advertisers, business minds, journalists, media professionals, entrepreneurs and scientists. Together with big brands we develop sustainable products, collections, communication solutions and services that work for us and for our lives. Without pointing fingers.


We founded GREEN WINDOW in 2015 for that reason, with the mission of becoming the world’s largest marketplace for cool and green lifestyle products and services. We learned how the green economy works by setting up one of the world’s largest environmental awards. Over the past twelve years, we have presented the GreenTec Awards to the world’s most innovative projects that make everyday life greener. As part of our GREENTECH FESTIVAL we will now continue this journey with the GREEN AWARDS.

Our Co-founders are Nico Rosberg, NENA and Rea Garvey, Michael Börnicke, Hubertus Hoffmann, Florian Kohler and Joachim Schöpfer who enthusiastically accompany our unique team of green visionaries.